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Seltzer was first invented in 1767 in Leeds, England. From that time, it came to the United Stated but was not popularized until WWII when it became well known for its convenience and price. Since that time, seltzer has been distributed world wide and enjoyed by all.

The benefits of Joy Beverage's seltzer and service:
»  Its healthy -> Great for adults and kids alike without any artificial sweeteners or additives.
»  Its convienient -> Our seltzer is delivered and picked up at your front door.
»  Its great for personal use -> Its fun at parties. Your office staff enjoys it. It makes for a great novelty at weddings
»  Its great for the environment -> We reuse wood crates and antique glass bottles avoiding the impact of plastics on our future.
»  Personal service -> There is no better then Joy Beverage.

Joy Beverage, the joy of seltzer!

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